The beauty of a manhole

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I wandered half the world, but I’ve never seen manholes like those of Haugesund. Beautiful as paintings! Two fishermen in close shot, with oilskin jacket and ruling hat; three sea gulls that fly in the sky and in the background, the two monuments-symbol of the city stand out clearly: the municipal building and the obelisk standing out against the tomb of Harald, the first king…



The B&B disembarked from the cargo

© Maria Luisa Bonacchi | MOSAIC


In Skudeneshavn you can sleep in a bedroom coming from the sea. Norneshuset Overnatting is a small two-storey house, including attic. Charming, as all other houses in town, but with a special history. In fact, it was transported here in 1830 from Riga, Latvia, onboard a fishing boat that was returning after unloading a batch of herring. Outside there is a  hotel sign: the drawing of a white and blue bed that seems designed by a child…



Weird things of Rogaland

© Maria Luisa Bonacchi | MOSAIC


1. Extremely green meadows scattered with sheep and cows, and all of a sudden, a red oil tanker floating amongst the woods, in an internal sea (Haugesund surroundings).

2. The wind blades of Norsk Hydro that produce energy and hydrogen, rotating nearby the peat bog inhabited by trolls (island of Utsira).

3. A tractor transformed into a rural bus, equipped with benches and rain cover, climbing amongst the woods, while Tiko border collie acts as tread (tour at Eikemo Gaard farm, in Åkrafjorden...



© Maria Luisa Bonacchi | MOSAIC


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