The turf, the flint stone and the kiss

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He bends over the rill, picks up a splinter and with resolute voice, says that it’s flint stone. He doesn’t say it simply but uses poetry that, on a windy island like Utsira, represents the modest touch of kindness. ‘’Eight thousand years ago, a man bent over this water and made his tools". Simple, straight-forward, nice. It is as if I can see that man wrapped in leathers, on that island where the ice of the last ice age had just melted. He works his stones, he engraves, chops, sharpens them with the aid of water, thinking to the prey he will transfix …



Torbjørg’s feeling for herrings

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He stays a bit apart, almost timid, seemingly disturbed by that visit. The factory is a block of cement, by the sea. A large paved square keeps apart old factories dating back to the Golden Age of herrings, when the only concern was working and preserving the enormous catch. Tall buildings, and seagulls hovering. Two fishermen on the pier, Asian immigrants, the fishing poles try to hook something. Scattered clouds and a sail boat which lazily passes by. He invites us to enter…



Kwikk Lunsj

© Valerio Griffa | MOSAIC


The chocolate bar is wrapped in a three-colour packaging: green, yellow and red. Since the ‘30s, it represents for Norwegians a picnics symbol, as it can be inferred from the name that means quick lunch. Tove is there, in front of the ferry and gives us the Norwegian bar as good-bye greeting. Archaic, farewell gesture. Tove is one of the women that make the island of Utsira a special place…



© Valerio Griffa | MOSAIC


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