Silence, order, simplicity

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Silence. It’s everywhere: in the streets, villages, coffee shops. On the ferry boats where children boast their own quiet space where they can play. No sound of engines on the fiord… only Langfoss waterfall sings. Order reigns. Clean city streets, nice and equipped hotel rooms, restaurants that seem private homes, rich of atmosphere. Simplicity is the norm. If you are lucky to be a guest of a farm on Åkrafjord hills, even for just a couple of hours, you can experience first-hand the kindness of the people that have been living here secluded, since ancient times…



Luminous changes

© Laura Mulassano | MOSAIC


The summer game ‘’long day/short night’’ can be summarised for who is not used to it, in some benefits and some inconveniences. Inconvenience? Forgetting the open curtains in the bedroom (meaning waking up many times). Going to sleep late, perhaps dangling for the streets, with the result to be tired the next day. Benefit? Being able to enjoy roguish skies and colours, with pink, light blue and orange tones at 9:00 p.m. Being able to wander for coffee shops and restaurants until late at night, getting absorbed in discussions and fantasies…



Sea everywhere

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Sea penetrates everywhere over here, amongst fiords and rocks, meadows, bights and ports. It flows in channels, amongst the city streets; it laps on villages, it penetrates amongst the rows and groups of houses. It embraces large and small islands, fierce with rough waves or calm as a lake. Sea is useful for anything. To fish, swim, sail, move objects and people, to gush out petroleum. It is populated with boats, pilot boats, catamarans, motorboats, sailing boats, tugboats, millionaire yachts, old wooden boats. And also houseboats, actual houses anchored in the channels. People live and eat there, with also cats and dogs. The sea gulls fly over…



© Laura Mulassano | MOSAIC


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